Consolidated Liberator GR Mk.V BZ754/J crash on 29th June 1944

Liberator GR Mk. V BZ754/J crahed near Roskill Farm, St. Keverne, Cornwall, shortly after take-off at 13.40 from RAF Predannack. Aircraft was loaded by 1,900 gallons of petrol, 16 Rocket Projectiles and 8 Depth Charges.

Following eight crewmembers were killed:

Trade Name
Cpt F/O F. Naxera
2nd Pilot F/Sgt J. Jiroutek
Nav F/O V. Ždímal
WOP/AG Sgt L. Žilák
WOP/AG F/Sgt M. Štěpánek
WOP/AG Sgt W. Staňo
WOP/AG Sgt J. Kubát
FE Sgt E. Kuklínek

while the ninth member of crew, AG Sgt F. Bebenek was thrown clear of the plane by the impact and with injuries on left arm and head was taken to hospital. He survive his injuries but after recovery he did not return to flying duties.


Part of Naxera's crew, from left to right: 1. Nav. F/O Ždímal, 2. WOP/AG Sgt Kubát,4. WOP/AG Sgt Žilák. (Photo courtesy of Joe Kubat)


Funeral of Naxera's crew on Helston Cemetery, Cornwall. (Photos courtesy of Joe Kubat)


Plot of Czechoslovak graves on Helston Cemetery, Cornwall. (Photo courtesy of Joe Kubat)


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