Czechoslovak Fighter Wing

Badge: none
Motto: none

Date of Establishment: 3rd May 1942

Place of Establishment: Exeter
Date of Disbandment: 14th September 1945
Place of Disbandment: Praha-Ruzyně, ČSR


Wing Commanding Officers

Exeter Wing From To
W/Cdr Alois Vašátko, DFC 03.05.1942 23.06.1942
W/Cdr Karel Mrázek, DSO, DFC 26.06.1942 31.03.1943


Exeter, Ibsley & No. 134 Wing From To
W/Cdr František Doležal, DSO, DFC 01.04.1943 01.02.1944


No. 134 Wing From To
W/Cdr Tomáš Vybíral, DSO, DFC 01.02.1944 15.11.1944


Bradwel Bay & Manston Wing From To
W/Cdr Jaroslav Hlaďo, DFC 15.11.1944 ČSR



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New page REVI magazine

I have added new page REVI magazine into section Books & Talks announcing my articles for this Czech aviation magazine.

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27/01/2019 17:36

Talk about Sgt Otakar Janůj II

Short info with few photos has been added into section Talks about the talk Otakar Janůj, 311 Squadron wireless operator" given at Faculty of Transportation Sciences in Praha on 24. 1. 2019.

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Invitation to talk on 24.1.2019 added

Invitation to talk on 24.1.2019 at CTU Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Prague-Albertov, added to main page. Theme - 311 Squadron Wireless Operator Sgt Otakar Janůj.  

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Forum closed

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B-24 Liberator Handbook - Volume 2

Added new page for book B-24 Liberator Handbook - Volume 2 I was heloing with.

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