Research Trips around the United Kingdom

This section describes my research trips around the United Kingdom between 2003 and 2007 when I have been travelling around cemetries, former airfields, museums and other interesting places connected with service of Czechoslovak airmen serving in the RAF in 1940-1945.

Thanks to many friends of mine I have been able to visit so many interesting places I would like to share my experiecne and photos from my trips in this section


CZRAF 2003

Brookwood Cemetery, Runnymede Memorial, RAF Station Talbenny, RAF Station Yatesbury, Yatesbury Cemetery, Chippenham Cemetery, Taunton Cemetery, Salisbury Cemetery

CZRAF 2004

Chichester Cemetery, RAF Station Biggin Hill, RAF Station Manston, RAF Manston History Museum and Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Building.


CZRAF 2005

Duxford Flying Legends Air Show, Whittlesford Cemetery, Plymouth Cemetery, Liverpool West Derby Cemetery, Speke airfield, HMS Plymouth, HMS Onyx, U-534, Market Drayton Cemetery, Cholmondeley Park.


CZRAF 2006

Battle of Britain London Monument, RAF Station Beaulieu, Sutton Bridge Cemetery, Honington Cemetery, East Wretham Cemetery, RAF Station East Wretham, Plaque in Thetford.


CZRAF 2007

Dyce cemetery, RAF Station Tain, St. Duthus Cemetery in Tain, Kiltearn Parish Churchyard near Evanton, Oxford PH404 crashsite.


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Talk about Sgt Otakar Janůj II

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B-24 Liberator Handbook - Volume 2

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