Czechoslovak Flight of No. 68 Squadron


Badge: Head of owl drew
in English
Code Letters: WM
Date of Establishment: 7th January 1941

Place of Establishment: Catterick
Date of Disbandment: 20th April 1945
Place of Disbandment: Church Fenton


No. 68 Squadron Stations

Station From To
Catterick, Yorkshire 07.01.1941 17.04.1941
High Ercall, Shropshire
detachment Valley, Angelsey
17.04.1941 08.03.1942
Coltishall, Norfolk
detachment Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
08.03.1942 05.02.1944
Coleby Grange, Lincolnshire 05.02.1944 01.03.1944
Fairwood Common, Glanmorgan 01.03.1944 24.06.1944
Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire 24.06.1944 27.10.1944
Coltishall, Norfolk 27.10.1944 08.02.1945
Wittering, Northamptonshire 08.02.1945 27.02.1945
Coltishall, Norfolk 27.02.1945 15.03.1945
Church Fenton, Yorkshire 15.03.1945 20.04.1945


No. 68 Squadron Commanding Officers

Commanding Officer From To
S/Ldr D. L. Clarkson 07.01.1941 03.02.1941
W/Cdr John W. M. „Max“ Aitken, DSO, DFC 03.02.1941 24.01.1943
W/Cdr Anthony P. Dottridge, DFC 24.01.1943 21.10.1943
W/Cdr Dennis Hayley-Bell, DFC 21.10.1943 14.08.1944
W/Cdr George Howden, DFC 14.08.1944 04.02.1945
W/Cdr William L. Gill, DFC     20.04.1945    04.02.1945


B Flight Commanding Officers

(B flight was manned by entirely Czechoslovak personnel from 20th January 1942)

B Flight Commanding Officer From To
S/Ldr Vlastimil Veselý, DFC 14.02.1942 01.04.1943
S/Ldr František Sýkora    01.04.1943 10.10.1943
S/Ldr Miroslav Mansfeld, DSO, DFC 10.10.1943 20.04.1945


Used Aircraft Types

Aircraft Type From To
Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF February 1941 May 1941
Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IF May 1941 February 1943
Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VIF January 1943 July 1944
De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.XVII July 1944 February 1945
De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.XIX July 1944 February 1945


Czechoslovak Staff with No. 68 Squadron


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