Runnymede Memorial

The Runnymede Memorial overlooks the River Thames on Cooper's Hill at Englefield Green between Windsor and Egham on the A308, 4 miles from Windsor.

This memorial commemorates by name those who lost their lives during the Second World War while serving with the Air Force of the Commonwealth at bases in the United Kingdom or in North-West Europe and who have no known grave. They came from all parts of the Commonwealth or from countries of continental Europe which had been overrun and whose airmen continued the fight as members of the Royal Air Force.

The numbers of those who commemorated are made up as follows:

Royal Air Force 15462
Royal Canadian Air Force 3050
Royal Australian Air Force 1397
Royal New Zealand Air Force 576
South African Air Force 17
Royal Indian Air Force 7
Women Auxillary Air Force 10
Ferry Command 9
Air Transport Auxillary 8
British Overseas Airways Corporation 7
Air Training Corps 4


Czechoslovak Arimen commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial

Between over 20,000 names of allied airmen commemorated on 360 panels, 149 Czechs and Slovaks can be found, who got killed while serving  with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve during the Second World War.

More information about those who commemorated there & photos engraved names can be found on cooperative website FCAFA.


Runnymede Memorial Photos (2003)



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