Moonlight Flyer

Please note that it is an English edition of John Gellner's story published in Czech already in 2009 as "Letec po hvězdách".

From the publisher's press release:

The unique diary of a Czechoslovakian navigator who served with No. 311 (Czechoslovak) Bomber Squadron during the Second World War

  •   This previously unpublished diary gives a unique insight into the life of an airman during his first two years of the Second World War
  •   Many of the unpublished photographs are from the only Czechoslovakian squadron within RAF Bomber Command
  •   Complete biographies of all thirty-seven Allied observer students trained in the first air observer course run by the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada 

One   of   the   many   wartime   airmen   who   documented   his   day-to-day experiences  in  a  diary  was  RCAF  navigator  John  Gellner.  Prior  to  the outbreak of the Second World War, Gellner was a lawyer practising in the Czechoslovak town of Brno. With the outbreak of war in Europe, he fled to Canada  and  trained  as  an  air  observer  on  the  first  course  of  the  fledgling British  Commonwealth  Air  Training  Plan.  Gellner  began  his  operational tour with No. 311 ‘Czechoslovak’ (B) Squadron flying the venerable Vickers Wellington. It did not take long for Gellner’s  abilities to shine, especially as an  instructor  in  astronavigation.  For  his  role  in  the  attack  on  the  heavy cruiser  Prinz Eugen,  Gellner  received  the  coveted  DFC.  After  thirty-seven operations over France and Germany, he was selected for pilot training in Canada. During his post-war service with the RCAF, he had a distinguished career as an administrative officer, retiring in 1958. Now a civilian, Gellner turned  to  writing  and  became  one  of  Canada’s  most  knowledgeable  and sought after aviation and military affairs journalists.

  • Hardback: 256 pages
  • Illustrations: 66 B&W photos + 2 B&W maps
  • Publisher: Fonthill Media
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1781555095
  • ISBN-13: 978-1781555095
  • Product Dimensions: 156 x 234 mm


The book is available at the publisher's e-shop Fonthill Media and also at other e-shops worlwide.

The book is available also as an electronic book -  Kindle Edition.

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I am proud that my latest book has been announced in the newspaper of the Czech and Slovak Community in Toronto.

It is called Nový domov and the article can be found online in the Issue 15/2016 on page 10. Please be patient as this is direct link to the full PDF (4 MB).




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