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Please note that it is an English edition of John Gellner's story published in Czech already in 2009 as "Letec po hvězdách".

Welcome to my website Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

Thank you for visiting this website and I hope that you find your visit beneficial. 

This revised website was launched in March 2015  and has evolved  from my original site http://cz-raf. which I began in April 1999.

This website, like its predecessor, is dedicated to the memory of all the Czechoslovak men and women in the RAF, or WAAF’s, during the Second World War.

Whilst my interest is primarily focused on the Czechoslovaks who served in the RAF in the United Kingdom, it also extends to airmen of Czechoslovak origin who served in other Air Forces as well, the Royal Canadian Air Force is an example. Of this subject my speciality and  personal interest is on No. 311 (Czechoslovak) Bomber Squadron in the RAF.
Pavel Vančata


I'm still looking for information about about Czechoslovak airmen serving in the RAF.
If you can provide me any information, your help will be much appreciated.


I will be also glad to buy from you any of following items connected to Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF:



Log Books




and other personal items.

If you have anything from these things


you could give me info about any of Czechoslovak airmen, please contact me.

Photo appeal - Looking for photos of Czechoslovak RAF/WAAF Members

While working on my another project with friend of mine I would like to ask for help with still missing photos of some persons. For particular names please refer to section Photo Appeal.

Při přípravě dalšího projektu bych rád požádal o pomoc pro kolegu se získáním chybějících fotografií některých osob. Pro konkrétní jména navštivte prosím sekci Photo Appeal.

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03/10/2015 20:58

Talks updated

Added photos from talk about Vladimír Šponar, No. 311 Sq pilot

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25/09/2015 10:14

Czechoslovak Units updated

Introduction page of Czechoslovak Units updated - Czechoslovak Depot stations added

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21/09/2015 14:52

Added Webarchive logo

Added Webarchive logo as this website is "regularly archived by the National Library of the Czech Republic for its cultural, educational, scientific, research or other values with the aim of documenting an authentic sample of the Czech web. It...

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18/09/2015 20:32

Cemetries & Memorials updated

Brookwood Cemetery - photos added, added link to FCAFA site, Runnymede Memorial - title photo changed, added link to FCAFA site with panel photos.  

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18/09/2015 16:18

Links updated

Added two links into new section Aviation Publishers

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