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Date: 21/08/2015

By: Admin

Subject: New website

Welcome to my new website, which is continuation of my former site
I am working hard to move all information from the old site to this one but as it is time consuming operation please be patient.

If you have any ideas/suggestions what you would like to find on this site please feel free to write it here of contact me on my email.

I will be glad if this forum will be used for reasearch about Czechoslovak airmen serving in the RAF and when ever it will be possible I will do my best to help you, give you an answer or an advice at least.

Thank you and enjoy this site

Pavel Vančata



Old forum

The old forum from my original website is still available if you need to check any of the older posts before September 2015.

Old forum from



24/10/2017 21:38

Section Talks has been updated

Added brief information about my talk at Rožná on 7. 10. 2017.  

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20/10/2017 20:40

Commemorative event, Rožná 7. 10. 2017

Photos from the commemorative event held in Rožná on 7. 10. 2017 are now availabe in gallery.

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17/09/2017 21:12

Říkali mu Zeke - update

More details added about the recently released book "Říkali mu Zeke"

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11/09/2017 23:21

Invitation to the commemorative event in Rozna 7. 10. 2017

Added invitation to the commemorative event in Rozna 7. 10. 2017 + the book "Říkali mu Zeke" launch.

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27/08/2017 09:16

Říkali mu Zeke - more details

More details about book Říkali mu Zeke has been added to separate page in section Books.

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